Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rock Star Birthday Party

One of the other parties that I hosted was a Rock Star Themed birthday party for my daughter.  As with all my parties, I had a blast in the planning.  The invitation was the best part!!  I made up little CD's with a VIP ticket.  The CD held all of the details of the party and the entire invitation fit inside a 
clear CD case.

The entry way into our home was designed with a red carpet "Hollywood" style including the Hollywood signs and the walk of fame!!  Each little girl got their name on the walk of fame and they were all treated like the rich and famous!!
 The cake was a very special one indeed!!  I made a guitar shaped cake!!  I am definitely not a baker, but I game this a whurl and it turned out not too bad if I do say so myself!!
 I converted our garage into a theater complete with hair, makeup and a salon in order to get the little girls ready for their big debut.  
Each girl moved from station to station until they were completely all decked out in rock star apparel.
The it was the main stage where when all was complete, all of the girls had an opportunity to sing and dance to their favorite tunes.  They had a great time!!