Saturday, January 7, 2012

My First Post - Slumber Party!!

Hello World.. well the blogging world that is!!  It is my hope to share with you a little piece of my interests, and in turn, hear some of your feedback on my interests.  I love to throw a good party, so I will share with you my first "Shenanigan" - The slumber party that I threw last year for my daughters 9th Birthday.

The Party Invitation
 I don't know photoshop that well at all, so with a simple print master program, I was able to create a little sleeping bag.  The pillow slides out with all of the party details inside (too cute)

The Decor
The highlight of the decor was the table bed that I created very easily with just a bed sheet, some pillows and some tulle.  It made the table look like a princess bed.  I got the idea for decorating the bed from Snowy Bliss

Sundae Bar
No slumber party would be complete without ample amounts of junk food!!  A sundae bar with all the fixings was prepared the the little slumber party goers.

Party Games & Crafts
To keep the little girls occupied during the party, we made flip flops, drew night scene pictures with glow in the dark gel pens on black paper, and of course, played TWISTER!!

One of the easiest decorations that I made were the streamers with a twist.  I got the idea from Oh Happy Day website, and they turned out GREAT.  Here is how I  made them...


  1. Hey!! Such lovely arrangement for slumber party. All your preparation is amazing. Have never organized such party but would love to do in future. Last week I threw a party at Venues in San Francisco. That was only for my friends as have not met from a long time. The day was really enjoyable.

  2. Hi! I'm planning my daughter's first sleepover party, and came across your adorable invitations. I love them! I'd love to do some like them, but it's way beyond my skills. Is there any chance you could share your template?