Sunday, July 22, 2012

Jungle Sarari Birthday Party

Hello Everyone;

It has been awhile since my last post, and that is because I have been up to my eyeballs in Alligators (literally).  I have been hard at work planning my daughters 10th Birthday party.  This year, she decided that she wanted a jungle animal / safari theme.. so I of course had to oblige!!  I began scouring the internet for ideas for decor and I as always, I was amazed at the creative people out there throwing parties!!  So, I set right to work on the preparations!!  The first thing was to create the invitation.  I concluded I wanted a passport theme and used word to create the below invitation.  The passport stamps and the photo of my daughter were what made the invitation complete.  

Jungle Passport Invitation
 Once the invitation was complete, then I set to work on the planning for the house decor.  I wanted everything to look like a jungle.. so lots of green yellow and brown streamers were in order.  I found a unique way to make fringed streamers from Oh Happy Day Blog and I used the same technique for my fringed streamers below.

Fringed Streamers
They turned out fantastic and made the room look like you were stepping into an African Safari deep in the jungle!!  I also wanted to decorate the front step and entry way to our home.  Again, this really gave the "Jungle" like feel to it right from the moment you saw our place.

Front Entry Way Decor
I made the banner on my computer in word, and I also made some safari signage.  It is amazing what you can do with your computer and a little imagination.  I had some palm tree's from a Hawaiian birthday that I threw for my daughters 6th birthday, so I re-used them for this event.  I also found a ton of animal pictures on the web that I cut and printed off and placed them all around the house.

The food was next on my list of planning.  I tried to think of unique things that went with animals, and animal snacks and came up with cute little signs with zebra stripes that added to the final touch for the food.  We had Roaring Sweets, Lion's Lunch, Hungry Hippo Fruit, Peacock Pops, Jungle Juice, Elephant Treats and of course Safari Snacks!!

Jungle Food

It was a hot day, and I was going to be sending the kids outside for a scavenger hunt, so I knew that they would need quite a bit of water.  I found some zebra striped duct tape at Home Depot and it worked like a charm adding that jungle touch to the water bottles that I served.

Cupcakes were going to be the dessert of choice, as I am not great at icing a whole cake, so I attempted to make jungle cupcakes.  I made little toothpick signs out of paper and my trusty computer and managed to find little sugar jungle animal heads to top them off.  They turned out great and the kids loved them.

Safari Cupcakes

There were many other  decor ideas that I cam across that added to our party.The table was a highlight of the decorations and a sneak peak of the table decor is below.  Each party goer had their own little adventurer place card, and I decorated the table with burlap and greenery.

Table Decor
And for the grand finale of this party.. a Scavenger hunt!!  I divided up the party into two teams and had clues and tasks for them to complete all around our back yard and our townhouse complex common area.  Each team had to find 3 animals from the clues about them.  The animals were also hidden.  The Monkey was in a tree, the Rhino was in a mud bath, and the elephant was in a neighbors water fountain keeping cool.

Scavenger Hunt