Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Tale of the Purple Cup

A tale of a purple cup.. several years ago, my family was given a beautiful set of plastic patio tumblers.  They were 6 in total and came in the most vibrant of colors.  One that quickly became my favorite was the purple cup.  I used it all the time (particularly in the summer).  After many years of use, unfortunately it had seen it's time and cracked.  No more purple cup for me.

Then, one day, while sitting in the park enjoying a cool lemonade, my neighbor saunters up with.. low and behold.. my cup (well, her cup but it was identical to my old purple cup)  You can imagine how excited I was to begin negotiating with her for the rights to her cup.. Would she be interested in selling  it to me??  I asked.. well, unfortunately, she had the same attraction to her cup as I did mine and she would not part with it, but she would loan it to me from time to time.. and true to her word, she did loan it to me.. Whenever she went on vacation, she would gladly come by and drop off the purple cup for me to baby sit.  But, she would eventually return and seek out the cup.. The entire neighborhood got in on the game, that even involved a breaking and entering to retrieve the darn thing!!

It all became a very cute little game, I would "borrow it" and she would retrieve it, I would borrow it, and she would retrieve it.. quite funny and it soon became the war of the purple cup.. until one day.. one magical day, when I found a replacement cup.. a clear cup the exact same size and shape.. but it wasn't purple.. so I got an idea.. a wicked idea.. I would paint my cup purple!!  And that's exactly what I did.. but I didn't just paint a cup for me.. I painted one for all of my lady friend neighbors so that we could all have a purple cup of our own.. The war of the purple cup is officially over, until the original purple cup breaks.. then what will happen I wonder.. I guess the war will be on again.

Below is a snapshot of the process of the painting of the purple cup

First the primer

Then the purple paint is applied

Drying in the sunshine!!

The finished product!!

The original purple cup is in the center, but the painted ones look just as good!!  Now we all have cups to enjoy!!

Thanks for checking out this week's Shenanigan.