Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Gift - Wordle

It is that time of year again when we begin to shout for joy that school is almost over!!  No more pencils, no more books.. now, what to give for that special teacher that has worked so diligently with your child all year.. a word cloud.  What is a word cloud you ask?  Well, I stumbled onto Wordle which is a great free online program that let's you make word clouds.  So I put together a word cloud with my teachers name, and all of the wonderful qualities that she possesses.  I used my daughters help to assist me with coming up with the words that describe her teacher, plunked them into the wordle create dashboard and.. voila!!
  A few tips when entering the words into Wordle. In order for there to be a space between two words, use the ~ symbol. So for "I like her hair" I had to enter "I~like~her~hair". If you enter a space, the words will appear separately.  Every time a word appears/is entered, the word get larger in the cloud. In other words, the larger the word, the more times it appears in your word file. So I entered the teacher's name the most, followed by the school name next. 
  I copy and pasted all the words  into the 'create' page on the Wordle site and selected 'go'. Wordle creates a custom word cloud with a random design. The best part is, you can customize almost every aspect of design, including the background, fonts, directions the words appear, etc. The possibilities are endless.

 Wordle Create Dashboard


Wordle Finished Product
                            I color printed the file on photo paper and framed it in an 8x10 frame.

                      I love that it is personal to the teacher and gives her an amazing perspective
                                                        of what my child thinks about her.

Hope you enjoyed today's Shenanigan!!

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