OPA!! Feeling Greek?

Another Shenanigan from 2011 was our Greek Party!!  A friend of ours was turning 40 and we wanted to celebrate Greek Style!!  I just loved throwing this dinner party!!  I turned out house into a Greek Restaurant, and everyone cam dressed in Toga's!!
 Each person was assigned a Greek God and had to read all about their character and play the part during dinner.  

With a little help from my computer and some Google images, our home was instantly transformed into a blue and white Greek Home.

The white pillars with the ivy was a nice touch to add that little bit of Greek History to the room.

Triangle shaped banners were so easy to make (and cheap too!!) I made all of the decorations myself. Mojito's was the drink of choice for the evening.. although not authentic Greek, it sure was refreshing!!

The Menu consisted of the following:
  • Spanakopita
  • Greek Salad
  •  Broccoli Cheese Soup
  • Greek Potatoes
  • Mediterranean Stuffed Pork
  • Parmesan Baked Asparagus
  • Cupcakes

Pretty in Pink Baby Shower

Babies are such a blessing!!  My sister-in-law was expecting a little baby girl, and we wanted to bring her into this world in style.. what a better way to do that than throw a baby shower!!  
The best party about a baby shower is the decor of course!! 
The centerpiece on the table was made out of baby blocks with the baby name.  Then I added some of the 3D ultrasound photo's and added to them to a tent card.  On one side of the card was the baby pictures, and on the other side of the card was the menu for the luncheon.
 Pink, pink and more pink!!  There were pink tissue paper pompoms and little tissue paper flowers along with pink and white candies that adorned the room.
The water bottles were made with special labels which made a great keepsake for the day.  The name tags were little pink diapers that each guest was to pin on.  And the little party favor giveaways were little pink and white mints.
Martini glasses with pink and white jellybeans and a pink wreath adored the door.  The pink cupcakes added the final touches.
My favorite thing to put together for this party was the diaper cake!!  I had a ton of fun purchasing the gifts, and I will admit, that rolling up all of those little diapers was a bit of a challenge, but elastics work great at holding them together.  I used some serving trays for the tiers for the cake.  I found some great idea's and directions on line which made it each to put together.
Triangle banners add a nice touch to any event, and because they are so easy to make, I use them often.  I just picked out the lettering in Word, and the printed them off and cut them out.  
Very cheap and easy!!
By far I have to say that I had the most fun planning this 
party for sure!!